Classes & Activities

Group Classes


Beginners 1 classes start each new term, daytime and evening classes available.

90 minutes once a week for 8 weeks. $ 350.00 per term.

Max 10 per class  NB: you must be 18 and over to participate.

Learn Italian with our interactive method, so we will get you to speak right from lesson one! They are held by qualified and experienced native teachers in a friendly atmosphere.

Beginners 1

For students with no prior knowledge of Italian or for those with very limited skills. Maybe you know a word or two but you cannot make a correct sentence or ask for things correctly.

Beginners 2

For those who have completed Beginners 1 either with us or somewhere else. You know how to greet, talk about yourself in simple terms using the basic verbs in the present tense but still have limited conversational skills.


In Term 2 (starting 27 April) all group classes will take place ONLINE. They will be LIVE classes where students will be able to participate just like in a real class.

This means you will be able to converse, ask questions and take part in all activities, together with all other participants.

We will send you all detailed information on how to access and take part in the lesson.

We hope to see you all in Term 2!

LEVELS: All levels on different dates. Please contact us for more information.

Call us on 0401 627 665 to book or fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

You have learnt all basic structures and are beginning to be more confident in everyday conversation using the present tense and starting to use the past tense.

You can use present and past tense and can have a conversation with native speakers on everyday topics but need to learn more complex grammatical structures and improve your fluency.

You can express yourself correctly on most topics but wish to improve on idiomatic expressions, conversation and more complex language structures.

You are confident and fluent in expressing yourself in all situations but wish to refine conversational skills, colloquialisms and discussion of Italian culture, politics, history or literature

A great conversation and revision class for Post Beginners and Intermediate students during the April school holidays to have some practice during the long break. Lots of fun activities and exercises.

This class will be live ONLINE!

Not suitable for absolute Beginners and Advanced students.

 Unsure about your level? Contact us to arrange a written and oral test to make sure you are placed in the right class.

Private lessons

Our great Italian tutors in Sydney are available 6 days a week for private tuition now ONLINE. We offer private tuition for adults, children as well as for private groups if you prefer to learn with your friends.

Whether you wish to learn Italian more quickly, do not have the time to come to class or simply wish to do a little extra, call us to organize it and to find out about costs and availability.


Upcoming date: April 2019
3 hours of revision, conversation and fun activities
Levels: for Post Beginners and Lower Intermediate
This is an ADULT class only, Participants must be 18 years of age. Contact us now!

KIDS Lessons

Give your child the precious gift of learning a foreign language. We offer kids’ Italian Lessons from age 6 +. One on one tuition only. Children will learn with a variety of fun material and programs. All our teachers working with children specialize in children’s didactics and love working with the younger ones.

We also specialize in Italian HSC and IB help as well as any kind of school and university exams.