Italian lessons Sydney

Italian Connections offers a number of different courses to students across a wide range of skill sets. Our programs are tailored to allow students to work at their own pace, without feeling intimidated and pressured to keep up with fellow students who may be more excelled at the language.


This is something that commonly occurs in schools. As there is only one teacher for a large group of students, it’s easy for some to get left behind, losing their confidence and their motivation to learn.

At Italian Connections, we make an effort to build the confidence of our students by:

  1. Ensuring they are individually followed for their level of written and spoken Italian language
  2. Giving them the time and space to learn without pressure to perform
  3. Encouraging them with positive reinforcement

Once confidence is restored, students’ results improve drastically as they feel comfortable in class to ask and answer questions and are less concerned about making mistakes.


The High School Certificate (HSC) presents a whole new realm of stress for students in years 11 and 12 across the state. With our custom made private lessons, we are able to give the help needed at the level or in the style of teaching that will be of most benefit to the student. Our teachers have been known to improve their HSC students’ scores drastically and, more importantly, improve their students’ relationship with the language.


Being that this learning structure is based on the ability to transfer your learning across countries, the International Bachelorette (IB) requires a high level of linguistic study. It’s a long road if learning any language becomes a chore, particularly if it’s a requirement of your secondary studies. Rediscover your passion for Italian and make your year 11 and 12 studies more enjoyable. Confidence is the key to successful progression when it comes to learning a new language — that’s where Italian Connections can help.


Providing language courses and private lessons to Sydney students from all areas, our Crows Nest and Avalon campuses provide great access for students in North Sydney.