With our entertaining and interactive teaching style, who wouldn’t want to learn a new language? Italian Connections’ small group classes foster a positive and encouraging learning atmosphere. The most important thing to embody when speaking a new language is confidence. As a child, when you learnt your first language, were you worried about making mistakes? No! In fact, it’s the best way to learn! At Italian Connections, we make it our priority to ensure our students feel safe to make the mistakes they need to, in order to learn. You’ll never get it right if you never give a response. We like to get people talking and interacting with one another so that everyone feels comfortable in the learning atmosphere.


Catering for every level of experience and skill, Italian Connections makes sure anyone can learn the expressive Italian language. With group courses ranging from beginner (the foundation basics) right through to advanced, our team can help provide teaching a assistance at the level you need. We stream our courses so you can rest assured that you will not be floundering to keep up. You can elect your own level or take a written quiz and oral assessment and be streamed by our professionals. Either way, you can be sure to receive top notch tutoring.


At Italian Connections, we provide you with more than just the confidence to make mistakes. We give our students the chance to learn at their own pace by streaming our lessons, ensuring no one feels out of their depth. We also provide a number of different learning options, from one-on-one, private lessons for a more directed approach, to interactive group lessons to encourage more immersive, conversational learning and seminar style study, where you can single out one aspect of the language to focus on in a tertiary lecture-style structure.

We offer tailor-made courses for private groups, lessons for children and preparatory lessons for teens studying for exams at a secondary level. We also encourage our students to interact outside of the classroom with a number of social events occurring across each term.


Come and visit us at one of our North Sydney locations, in Crows Nest or Avalon and one of our tutors can give you a more in-depth run down of the courses we have on offer.