The environment in which a student learns vastly affects their retention of the teachings. It is so common for students to become flustered and shut down in high pressure learning environments, like school classrooms, which is why at Italian Connections we endeavour to make our lessons fun, engaging and encouraging. Promoting a positive atmosphere enables students to open up and become more receptive to the concepts presented to them. Working towards confidence with the Italian language, we welcome the mistakes as much as we celebrate the triumphs, ensuring our students feel comfortable and safe to give it a go.


No matter how old you are or at what level your Italian language skills currently sit, Italian Connections have a class just right for you. We make sure that our students are comfortable in the class they are streamed into and ensure that they are able to learn at their own pace. We offer a wide range of courses in a number of different learning styles. For the beginner who has absolutely no prior experience with the Italian language, an interactive group lesson may be ideal. Or for the secondary school student, private tutoring may be more beneficial. Whoever you are — young or old — and whatever your needs, Italian Connections have a learning solution for you.


There are a huge number of factors that go into making a great linguist. But one that sits at the very top of the list is confidence. The confidence to converse is important but it’s just as important, if not imperative, for a student to be confident in their learning. Making mistakes is a huge part of linguistic learning — they are golden. A timid student can improve tenfold with confidence, which is why we make an effort to ensure our students feel safe and comfortable in our classrooms.


With both our campuses based in the north of Sydney, our services are accessible to students from far and wide. You will find us at our flagship campus in Crows Nest or at our second campus in Avalon. Give us a call and an Italian Connection team member can talk you through our courses in more detail!